Latest Results

A-5Tue 12 JunEP Pumas1-8-186 def by 4-16-243EP Cheetahs
A-5Tue 12 JunEP Panthers1-8-214 def by 4-18-272EP Lions
A-5Tue 12 JunEP Wildcats1-13-237 def by 4-17-287EP Leopards
C-4Tue 12 JunHighwayMen5-22-426 def by 6-23-424SP Red
C-4Tue 12 JunEP Lynx7-26-432 def 4-20-405EP Cougars
B-5Wed 13 JunEP Jaguars2-9-222 def by 3-16-251SP White
B-5Wed 13 JunSaphies Army0-5-187 def by 5-20-259EP Bobcats
A1-6Thu 14 Jun3 Oks Avi Dav6-22-347 def 4-14-3151 Luk Alan Shane
A1-6Thu 14 Jun4 Jeff Brad Clive3-15-344 def by 7-25-4017 Min Fel Ben
A1-6Thu 14 Jun5 Jie Evan Alex7-23-398 def 3-17-3606 Geo Sand Mic
A1-7Thu 14 Jun7 Min Fel Ben5-24-460 def 5-24-4665 Jie Evan Alex
A1-7Thu 14 Jun1 Luk Alan Shane8-26-438 def 2-17-3884 Jeff Brad Clive
A1-7Thu 14 Jun2 Alex Jonas Ric4-15-252 def by 6-23-3803 Oks Avi Dav
A-6Tue 19 JunEP Lions v EP SnowLeopards
A-6Tue 19 JunEP Cheetahs v EP Wildcats
A-6Tue 19 JunEP Leopards v EP Panthers
C-5Tue 19 JunEP Cougars v HighwayMen
C-5Tue 19 JunSP Red v EP Lynx
B-6Wed 20 JunEP Bobcats v EP Tigers
B-6Wed 20 JunSP White v Saphies Army
A1-8Thu 21 Jun5 Jie Evan Alex v 4 Jeff Brad Clive
A1-8Thu 21 Jun7 Min Fel Ben v 2 Alex Jonas Ric
A1-8Thu 21 Jun6 Geo Sand Mic v 3 Oks Avi Dav

Next Week’s Fixture

Round Date Home Scores Away
A-7 Tue 26 Jun EP Wildcats v EP Pumas
A-7 Tue 26 Jun EP SnowLeopards v EP Leopards
A-7 Tue 26 Jun EP Panthers v EP Cheetahs
C-6 Tue 26 Jun SP Red v EP Cougars
C-6 Tue 26 Jun EP Lynx v HighwayMen
B-7 Wed 27 Jun EP Tigers v SP White
B-7 Wed 27 Jun Saphies Army v EP Jaguars
A1-9 Thu 28 Jun 1 Luk Alan Shane v 7 Min Fel Ben
A1-9 Thu 28 Jun 3 Oks Avi Dav v 5 Jie Evan Alex
A1-9 Thu 28 Jun 2 Alex Jonas Ric v 6 Geo Sand Mic

Latest Team Ladders

Grade: A1

7 Min Fel Ben2576013921186142110
5 Jie Evan Alex2334213624150117107
3 Oks Avi Dav2335113129107117107
2 Alex Jonas Ric2113312931949897
6 Geo Sand Mic1972412634768897
1 Luk Alan Shane1811512733827792
4 Jeff Brad Clive1790612238587792

Grade: A

EP Lions20500205400193122
EP SnowLeopards20401164400267127
EP Cheetahs1222111912298101
EP Leopards122211010100100103
EP Wildcats8131713547390
EP Panthers4041614436087
EP Pumas4140520255182

Grade: B

EP Bobcats20401173567317130
EP Tigers16311155300167110
SP White122217135472104
EP Jaguars8131713546292
Saphies Army4041416254773

Grade: C

EP Lynx123102717159133109
SP Red12310251913211298
EP Cougars41301826698497

Leading Players

Grade: A1

Leading playerAlex Yuan2 Alex Jonas Ric871538375571509
Runner upFelix Kung7 Min Fel Ben731357263541330

Grade: A

Leading playerEsfand KhoshmashrabEP Lions10010078571119
Runner upEnin (Alito) VomEP SnowLeopards8010091631370

Grade: B

Leading playerLibby HaughtonEP Bobcats801008458917
Runner upNeville YoungEP Tigers62756853988

Grade: C

Leading playerKarl XuEP Lynx84676455786
Runner upSue WestEP Lynx84676054534

2018 HSR interclub challenge: A grade

Results from the HSR challenge 24 Apr 2018 at HSR
In Table 1: HSR won 6-3.
HSR – Tony d’Souza, Steve Lowe , Jeanne Strong
ESCTTA – Steve Balmford, Simon Jeong , Michael Yiannoudes
In Table 2: HSR won 7-2.
HSR – Deniz Yener-Korematsu, Jason Tjangdjaja, Arlene Wagner
ESCTTA – Alwin Wang, Yin Zhang, Jake Martin
In Table 3: ESCTTA won 5-4
HSR –  Pek Lee, Judy James, Unggul Santika
ESCTTA – Grant Smith, Tom Pepperell, Ben Williams
Many thanks to Arlene Wagner and all her support personnel at HSR.
Many thanks to Fred Dellisola for representing the ESCTTA.
Looking forward to interclub matches later in the year for B on Aug 8 and C grade in Nov/Dec perhaps.

Pennant Winter2018

Winter 2018:

Fixtures and contacts to be released by May 6.

Grand Finals for A & B grade are at Eley Park on Tue 31-Jul.
Grand Finals for C grade are at St Philips on Tue 31-Jul.

Eley Park:
Eley Park training from 7.30 to 9.30 on Wed May 2; Tue May 8 and Wed May 9 .

Special End of Winter Season Event (Aug 8)
While it is yet to be confirmed this is the likely scenario:
B grade HSR challenge at High Street Road starting at 7.30pm. 
It will consist of 3 3player teams from B grade vs 3 teams from HSR.
Each team will play 9 singles matches, best of 5.
B grade players are expected to be available for this special event.
Light Blue shirts required.

Summer 2018 special finals arrangements

Dear player,
Due to the recent change in playing conditions at Eley Park making the middle table less than desirable for finals, there are some changes to the normal finals arrangements.

Semi finals
A Eley Park Tue.
B Eley Park Wed.
C St Philips Tue.

Grand finals
A Eley Park Tue.
B Eley Park Wed.
C Eley Park Wed Tue. Delayed to May 1. Eley Park 7.30pm

Leading player trophies are presented at the AGM in December in 2018.

Pennant Summer 2018

C grade Summer 2018:
C grade fixtures are subject to change since 4 BW players have just notified us of their unavailability.
With 4-5 new players trying out Jan 16,17 we are hoping to sort things out quickly after that.

Update: Ep Lynx replaces BW Dingoes.

Eley Park:
Eley Park training from 7.30 to 9.30 on Tue-16-Jan, Wed-17-Jan, Tue-23-Jan, Wed-24-Jan.

Special Event:
A grade HSR challenge Tue 24-Apr  is at High Street Road starting at 7.30pm.
It will consist of 3 3player teams from A grade vs 3 teams from HSR.
Each team will play 9 singles matches, best of 5.
A grade players are expected to be available for this special event.

Ball buy back

Ball buy back $1 for 5 balls.

Date:       Tue 23 Jan 2018
Time:      8pm
Venue:    Eley Park Hall

In 2018, all grades, A1, A, B and C grade will all be using Nittaku premium 40+.
These have been pre-purchased and are available from ES&CTTA at cost prices of 3.20 a ball. 

Celluloid balls are no longer made and no longer used for competition.
There is a ball buy back the week before pennant restarts for summer.
Please drop off your spare celluloid balls at Eley Park, Jan 23 2018.
The balls will be used for training with secondary students.

2018 Spur Afrika tournament Jan 20

The 2018 Spur Afrika tournament is being held on Sat20th January, at the Kilsyth Table Tennis Stadium.  The tournament has events for all standards and also for all ages. This is the 5th time this event is being conducted, (Felix, from A1, organizes the tournament) after having successful events in the last four years. All donations will be used to help fund the operations of Spur Afrika Kenya, which includes: wages for Kenya workers, programs, activities, child sponsorships, operational and administration costs.  Spur Afrika Australia is run by volunteers and as such there are minimal running costs. Click for entry forms 2018 Spur Afrika Entry Form.

ES&CTTA sponsors a team in the team event. 

TTV Member Protection Information Officer position

TTV has recognized the importance of appointing a MPIO (Member Protection Information Officer) to be able to assist all our members in cases of harassment and abuse within your clubs.
MPIO’s will be the first point of contact within TTV for any members making a complaint under our Member Protection Policy.
Training will be provided for the successful applicant in order to be able to perform this role effectively.
A small stipend is payable for this position.

Links to TTV MEMBER PROTECTION INFORMATION OFFICER and TTVBylawMP regarding Member Protection.

Expressions of interest must be emailed to: no later than Friday 3rd November.

Pennant Spring 2017

Eley Park training from 7.30 to 9.30 on 22,23,29,30-Aug
Grant to open Tues, Fred Wed.
Eley Park committee meeting Wed 23 after opening.

Pennant Changes for Spring 2017:
No D grade.
No change to C grade. (in response to option to play best of 3 instead of 5)
Grand Finals are no longer at Kilsyth. No St Johns Ambulance for Grand Finals.
Grand Finals are at: Eley Park: A, B, C grade on Tuesday; St Johns: A1 on Thursday.
Feedback has shown overwhelming support for the Grand Final changes.
New GF arrangements confirmed.

Spring 2017 Fixtures are available via the links in the fixture right side bar.  pdfs will be emailed to players with contact details when finalised in the next week.

RCPennantScorer (version 2.3 required): 
Captains will receive a new code for 2017 Spring.

Bayswater disbanded

From Ian:
It is with regret that I have to inform you that the Bayswater Church of Christ Table Tennis club is to be disbanded as a result of a decline in membership.
We have enjoyed a long association with ES&CTTA over a period of some 20 years and there have been many memorable matches played between various teams.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavours with the Association.
Thank you to the Association for providing an enjoyable playing environment for our members. It has been most appreciated.
Ian Albury