2015 Spring Finals

Congratulations to the winners of the Grand finals (winners indicated in bold):

Grade Home team Away team
A1 Fer Luke Dat Frank Alan Vikram
A1 (3rd) John Yang Felix Jeff Ian Raymond
A EP Lions EP Wildcats
B SP Black EP Tigers
C EP Lynx EP Jaguars
D EP Cheetahs BW Coyotes


Semi finals winners are indicated in bold:

Grade Night SF Home team Away team
A1 Thur 1 v 4 Fer Luke Dat Jeff Ian Raymond
A1 Thur 2 v 3 John Yang Felix Frank Alan Vikram
A Tue 1 v 4 EP Lions EP Pumas
A Tue 2 v 3 EP Leopards EP Wildcats
B Tue 1 v 4 SP White SP Black
B Wed 2 v 3 EP Bobcats EP Tigers
C Wed 1 v 4 EP Lynx EP Oncillas
C Wed 2 v 3 EP Jaguars Highwaymen
D Tue 1 v 4 EP Cheetahs BW Dingoes
D Thu 2 v 3 BW Coyotes BW Stars


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