2016 Summer Pennant

3manlogoFeb 20 2016: All captains must update RCPennantScorer to version 1.2.9 or better (as of Mar 18 latest version is 1.3.1) especially if using email to send in results. Instructions for use are in the help manual. Win and Mac versions are available.
A grade captains should write over the letters in the scorebook so matches are in the order:  AvX, BvY, AvY, BvX and then the doubles (edited Feb 20).
Feb 5 2016 team lists were updated. PennantScorer uses should import the files from dropbox again.
Jan 14 2016: all the new links and the official Pennant teams and Pennant fixtures for Summer 2016 were updated to reflect the 20 Dec change.
An update effecting B grade and D grade was made 20 Dec 2015. B grade should note the change in Lynx home night to Tue. D grade should note the home night change to Wed for Cheetahs, with the exception of round 10 which is Tue.

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