2016 Winter Pennant

3manlogoRCPennantScorer (version 2 requiredicon_new2): Captains will receive a new code for 2016 Winter.
Teams are available via the link to pennant teams in the right side bar. C grade Winter fixtures change to 4 teams /9 rounds are on the website. See pennant links.

A and D grade will be 2 player pennant with all matches best of 7 games.  Captains should write over the letters in the scorebook so matches are in the order:  AvX, BvY, AvY, BvX and then the doubles. Special rules in the Match regulations apply to allow fill-ins to play for any teams in A and D grade; they are not bound to the team.

In recent seasons there has been greater fluidity between the clubs with the venue mangers working together for the best outcomes in each grade. Further to this, due to a shortage of players this season, we will be considering some changes to the match regulations to allow more players to fill-in in a higher grade and in other clubs without the club restriction and without the need to change to that grade after a few matches. If anyone has any objections, now would be a good time to pass them on. [See the updated MatchRegulations with the yellow background for the changes.]

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