2018 HSR interclub challenge: A grade

Results from the HSR challenge 24 Apr 2018 at HSR
In Table 1: HSR won 6-3.
HSR – Tony d’Souza, Steve Lowe , Jeanne Strong
ESCTTA – Steve Balmford, Simon Jeong , Michael Yiannoudes
In Table 2: HSR won 7-2.
HSR – Deniz Yener-Korematsu, Jason Tjangdjaja, Arlene Wagner
ESCTTA – Alwin Wang, Yin Zhang, Jake Martin
In Table 3: ESCTTA won 5-4
HSR –  Pek Lee, Judy James, Unggul Santika
ESCTTA – Grant Smith, Tom Pepperell, Ben Williams
Many thanks to Arlene Wagner and all her support personnel at HSR.
Many thanks to Fred Dellisola for representing the ESCTTA.
Looking forward to interclub matches later in the year for B on Aug 8 and C grade in Nov/Dec perhaps.

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