Coaching Conference -Sunday 15th Nov 2015

In conjunction with Badminton Victoria and Squash/Racquetball Victoria, TTV are holding a Coaching Conference on Sunday 15th November at Sports House, Albert Park (building next to MSAC). This is a very exciting conference with  two high profile speakers, Heath Black (ex-AFL player who’s played just under 200 senior games) and Loudy Wiggins (4 time Olympian and dual Olympic medallist in diving). 2015 Smashing Sports Coaching Conference TTV

Heath will be speaking about his own experiences with battling mental health (which is applicable to all sports, not just AFL), and Loudy will share her experiences regarding coaching throughout her successful journey. Afterwards, there will be a presentation by someone from the Sporting Schools program regarding information about the program itself which is currently administered by Table tennis Australia through the Australian Sports Commission.

There’s a lunch break in between (lunch provided) and after lunch, the program continues with Simon Gerada from HWATT presenting a coaching business model based on his own successful coaching model used in HWATT. We will finish off with myself giving some demonstrations and advice on advanced coaching using single ball drills and multi-ball feeding. Listening and participating in this part of the program will also give TOPS and Level 1 coaches education points towards their accreditation.

The cost for the 6 hour day is $35 for full registered TTV members, and $50 for non-registered members. Discounts may apply for bigger groups travelling from the country. This conference is designed to benefit those who are TOPS and Level 1 coaches, parents and players, and anyone else who are generally involved in any sport that may want to coach.

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