EP Captains Duties

If a Captain is not present at a pennant match, another team member must take over the duties for the night.

a) Captains’ Roster to Collect keys and open the hall

At the start of the season, captains need to check the Hall Opening Roster page for teams collecting the keys and opening the hall.

The rostered captains collect the keys by 7:10, open up the hall by 7.15 and set up tables by 7:20.

The other captains should make sure that their teams are there early to help set up in preparation for matches to start at 7.30

If the rostered captain cannot open the hall, they must make arrangments for team mates or other captains to open the hall.

The captain’s roster is for opening the Hall only. It is up to the last Eley Park captain in the Hall to complete packing up and return the keys.

This means that all captains need to be prepared to return the keys if they are the last Eley Park team to leave.

In order to avoid any confusion at the end of the night, please place
the Key bag on the stage after opening the Hall. This will make it
easier for other captains to locate the bag and look up promptly.

Packing up and Locking the Hall
The procedure for locking up is simple.

1)  Chain and lock the Tables.
2) Return chairs to the Stacks in the passageway through the glass doors. Close door. 
3) Place All other equipment into the separate storage locker in the other storage room. Be careful to make sure that the cupboard door is closed properly.
Lock the cupboard.
Lock the room.
4) Close all the Doors.
Turn off the lights (and the air conditioner if used)
Lock the Hall.
5)  Return the Keys using the address on the key bag.


b) Scorebook and Results

Fill in the team list.
Write in the letters for the double players.
Total the matches and games.
Cross-check with opposition and sign as correct.
If the nominated Captain cannot do this, another team member can.
Enter the results in RCPennantScorer or the specific spreadsheet for the grade. (winning captain).


c) Match balls

Captains are provided with 6 match balls (2 boxes of 3) for the five home games (and a home semi final) during the practice weeks before the season starts.

It is recommended that the captain provides another member of the team with a match ball in case the captain is unexpectedly delayed or prevented from playing on a particular night.

The captain should collect used balls and keep them for use as practice balls or place them in the storage area for future practice sessions.


d) Fill ins

Captains should organize fill-ins as required during the season.

Online Match permits need to be completed for fill-ins not originally listed in the team at the start of the season.

See the Forms page or the Match Permits page for new players and Match Permits page for previous players.



e) Results

All winning Captains in the 3man pennant enter scores in RCPennantScorer or the specific spreadsheet for the grade


f) Gather team intentions for the next season

Usually during round 8 & 9, captains consult with the other players of the team and complete the Eley Park Team Entry Form.
Please make sure that your team has a vice captain to support the team in the absence of the captain.
Team confirmation will often just involve a confirmation of their team for the next season.
In some cases, discussion will need to occur with the the Eley Park Committee Team selection panel.