EP Equipment


Storage areas:

All equipment, apart from the tables, is now in the equipment storage room (blue door) closest to the stage.
The storage locker is in the far right hand corner of the room (against the Hall wall) and has red writing on it indicating EPTT.
3 Tables remain padlocked with a long yellow chain in the table storage room; 2 other tables are stored behind them.
The tables are stored at right angles to the small doorway so that the chain can be locked while standing in the doorway.
It helps to stagger the tables so that the second table from the left is placed further back, allowing the chain to be wrapped around the first and third tables more easily while standing in the doorway.


First Aid:

Single use ice packs and band aids are in the equipment storage locker in the equipment storage room (where the nets are stored) with the First-aid Kit.


Locking up checklist:

Place all scorebooks, divider nets and table nets (net posts together, with the net wrapped around them) in the storage locker. Lock the locker.
(When you fold up the dividing nets – could you please let the clips “hang out of the pile” so that they don’t get tangled.)
Lock blue door to storage area.
Chain 3 end tables together. Lock chain padlock.
Turn off all lights and airconditioning/heating.
Lock Hall door.
Return keys.



Oct 2017
2 tables from Bayswater added to the table storage area.


ES&CTTA lock box added to storage cupboard for ES&CTTA use only (supplies: balls, score books, scorers)


Oct 2014
1 tables from former ES&CTTA club added to the table storage area.

Jun 2014
2 new nets.


Mar 2014
1 table from a former ES&CTTA club is now outside of the main storage are so that it is available for a community group to use.


Mar 2013
2 tables from former ES&CTTA clubs are now padlocked together with one chain at the end of the table storage area.

Feb 2013
Neville has had one net repaired and has ordered 2 new nets and will look at possible repair of another net.

Dec 2012
Neville replaced the storage cupboard with a new cream coloured metal Double Storage Locker 1.8M high by 0.9m wide for the storage of:

  • net posts together, with the net wrapped around them
  • 3 scoreboards
  • the white hall divider net
  • the brown hall divider net
  • 2 boxes of 3 table tennis balls provided for each team at the start of the season.
  • a few spare practice balls
  • spare score books
  • First-aid Kit
  • (backup old net with net posts -but broken knobs)

Nov 2012
Neville replaced a foot adjustment plug on one table

19 Feb 2012
Neville cleaned up the equipment from on top of the cupboard and removed all the accumulated rubbish.
The tables have been moved into the small room in the storage area. The tables are now positioned flat against the same wall the cupboard is mounted on.
When packing the nets and posts away, PLEASE do not pull them apart. Simply place the posts together and wind the net around the posts. This will hopefully prevent parts from the net being lost.

1 May 2012
Neville has added an extra shelf on the right, to separate the table nets from the other things, hopefully allowing us to look after the nets better.

27 May 2012
Neville replaced a foot adjustment plug on one table.