EP Hall Usage


Hall bookings

The Eley Park Hall is booked for Tue and Wed thoughout the 3 seasons.
See: http://esctta.com.au/calendar/.



2 weeks of practice occurs before the start of each season,
with practice on both Tue & Wed, from 7.30 to 9.30pm.
The Summer season starts near the end of January; Winter in May and Spring in September.


4 table usage

Only 3 tables are used for pennant play. In exceptional circumstances 4 tables may be required. The EP Hall is 19M x 9M.  With 4 tables setup each table has a 4.75M wide playing area which is equivalent to a table width of space either side of the table. Chairs need to setup near the net on either side of the table to maximise room for players.


Pennant Competition Protocols

The rostered captains collect the keys by 7:10 and open up the hall by 7.15 and sets up tables by 7:20.
The allocated captain who opens the hall has first choice of tables.
On Tuesdays, the A grade teams are allocated in order by the fixture with table 1 near the stage.
On Wednesdays, after the hall opener, the next team to have players in the hall setting up has the next choice of tables. If both the remaining teams have players that have arrived for setting up before 7.20pm then the preference goes to the team with the most players setting up at 7.20 pm or if equal to the higher grade or if still equal a coin throw can be used to decide.
The first matches start with 5 min of practice at 7.30, with the game starting at 7.35.
Pre-match warm-ups should be kept to 5 min before the first 3 singles matches, then 2 min for the remaining 6 singles.
The doubles should use 2 balls to warm up cross court and also restrict this to 2 min.
The standard warm up should consist of:

  • forehand to forehand counter hitting,
  • forehand looping to forehand blocking,
  • backhand to backhand counter hitting,
  • backhand looping to backhand blocking,

with any alteration to the expected warm by agreement and negotiation of the 2 players.
The home team umpires the first match, then subsequent match duties are alternated between the teams.


Pennant Spare table usage

It is recommended that captains coordinate the use of any spare tables such as when only 2 home teams are fixtured for a particular night.
For instance, the first lot of teams with their 6 players ready might use 2 tables for their first 2 singles games, then the other lot of teams might use 2 tables for their 2nd and 3rd singles games. The first lot to finish their doubles might use the 2 tables first for their next lot of singles matches.
The ESCTTA has advised that a new ball is not required for play on a second (spare) table, so it is important for the captain to keep some used balls from previous pennant competition.


Moving around the Hall

It is important that players moving from one end of the Hall to the other, across the courts, be aware of the game situations on each court.
The common practice is to stand still by the dividing nets and wait for a point to finish before crossing the court.
If a game is close to finishing it is best to wait a few minutes rather than disturb a match that only has a couple of points to finish a game.