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Pennant competition:

Eley Park is a venue for teams in the ES&CTTA.
Pennant Competition at Eley Park occurs on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm to around 10.30pm.

In 2017, B and C grade play 3man pennant. 3man Pennant competition consists of 3 singles matches each and 2 doubles matches for a total of 11 matches in a best of 5 game format.
In 2017, A grade play 2man pennant which consists of 2 singles matches each and one doubles, all best of 7 games. Play is from 7.30pm to 9.45pm.

There are 3 Seasons per year, each of which runs for 10 weeks with 2 weeks for finals. 2 weeks of practice occurs before the start of each season. The Summer season starts at the end of January; the Winter season in May and the Spring season in September.

In 2017, Eley Park has 10 to 12 teams. 12 teams is the usual maximum possible for Home games on Tue and Wed. In some seasons, when we have more than 12 teams, we organise home matches on Thursdays as well.

In 2017, the Eley Park team fees are $225 per season. Members of 3-person teams pay $70 if paid early in the season.

Competition players need to be registered with Table Tennis Victoria. In 2017, the TTV fees are $55 per year and $40 for juniors.


Eley Park Hall:



Eley Park Community Centre

Eley Park, 87 Eley Road, Blackburn South, 3130. Melways ref 61 H5 (Map)

The Community Centre is opposite Royton St corner. On the left or West side of the car park is The Scout Hall. The Hall Entrance to the Community Centre is on the right or East end of the car park. Enter via the walkway along the top of the car park on the North side of the West end of the Community Centre building.





Eley Park Table Tennis was started over 30 years ago, to enable competition table tennis for residents local to Blackburn, Burwood and Box Hill. All levels are catered for, male and female. Some juniors are involved despite the late night finishes.

The Association is actively seeking a venue to enable all the individual clubs to combine, to provide for juniors, practice and social play.

We are indebted to Mrs Helen Farrell (dec), who was the founding member of the Eley Park Table Tennis, and in fact, the Community Centre. She remained the co-ordinator up until 2009, and was active in the Association as a Vice-President and a Life Member.

Ken McMurtrie was then Eley Park Table Tennis Co-ordinator till the end of 2012 having guided the transition to an EPTT venue management group. Ken gave great service to the ES&CTTA having joined as a player in 1983 at Highbury Road TT before setting up Blackburn South, in the Scout Hall (across from EP Hall), which then went onto the Orchard Grove P.S. gymnasium before merging with Eley Park. Ken spent many years on the ES&CTTA committee, as a general member, Secretary and Vice-President and was made a Life-member of the Association in recognition of his service.

Team names: It is traditional to maintain Helen Farrell’s idea of naming each team with a felid name, hence we have Bobcats, Caracals, Cheetahs, Cougars, Jaguars, Leopards, Lions, Lynx, Ocelots, Panthers, Pumas, Tigers and Wildcats. In 2013, EP CAV and EP Pandas were added. In 2015, EP Oncillas were added. In 2016, EP SnowLeopards were added.