EP Pennant

Eley Park 3 man Pennant teams are entered in the Eastern Suburbs & Churches Table Tennis Association pennant competition.

See the pennant menu for full details.

See the Match Regulations on the Documents page for the rules regarding conduct of pennant play.


Pennant Competition

Pennant occurs at Eley Park on Tuesday from 7.30pm to around 9.30pm and on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm to around 10.30pm.



2 weeks of practice occurs before the start of each season, with practice on both Tue & Wed, from 7.30 to 9.30pm.
See the EP practice page under the EleyPark menu for full details.


Finals practice

The Hall is booked for both Tue and Wed of the semi final week, from 7.30 to 9.30pm.

If no Eley Park teams are playing at home on the Tue or Wed of Semi final week, then it is possible to use the Hall for practice on that night.

The team captain intending to use the Hall for practice should contact Fred Dellisola, the Eley Park Club Coordinator, to make sure that the Hall will be available and that the key will be available for the usual pick up by captains.



Captains have an important role at Eley Park, especially in:

  • looking after the team and showing leadership;
  • getting fill ins for absent players and making sure that online forms are completed for new players or fill-ins;
  • taking care of the scorebook and entering scores online;
  • making sure that the team fees are paid;
  • checking that team members have completed TTV registration;
  • collecting and looking after the match balls for home games;
  • opening and setting up the Hall in cooperation with other rostered home captains;
  • gathering team playing intentions for the next season and completing the online form.

Specific details are on the Captain’s duties page.


Player status

Teams should nominate a vice captain who can take on the roll of captain in their absence.
Part time players are likely to play 3 or more rounds.
Fill-in players are not expected to play but are available to play when another player is unavailable.


Playing Fees

Eley Park players will need to pay two fees for playing in the ES&CTTA pennant competition.
The Eley Park fees for players are paid for each season. They are described in detail on the EP fees page.
The Table Tennis Victoria registration fees for the year are described in detail on TTV Registration Fees page.


Player and Team Grading Guidelines

Here are the simple guidelines and criteria used for grading players and teams at Eley Park by the Eley Park Committee:

  • The initial assessment of a team’s performance is based on its final ladder position, then breaking down the reasons for that season’s achievement.
  • The top three teams in any grade will remain in that position unless the top team has room to move to the next level.
  • The bottom three teams are assessed on total losses, if a team losses every game – they are generally moved to the lower grade.
  • Individual players are also assessed on total win/loss ratios for suitability within a grade, e.g. less than 25% wins  may result in dropping to a lower grade.
  • If a player wins greater than 80% of games, he may be promoted to a higher grade but not necessarily his teammates.
  • If a team wins the grand final, they may be promoted to a higher grade.
  • RatingsCentral ratings are used to rank players and teams.

Please see the criteria used by the ESCTTA Grading Committee when assessing all teams from the various Clubs. These criteria are strongly based on RatingsCentral ratings.

It is important though, that teams don’t form rigid expectations of this process. It is possible for bottom teams to remain in their grade if it is known that their player rankings are higher than those of a potential replacement team from a lower grade.

The overall process for establishing teams for the next season:

  • Team details (playing night, preferred grade and players) should be worked out between Round 8 to 10 and sent to the EP committee in week 10 via the team captain using the EP Player Entry Form.
  • Other individuals (such as new players or players returning from a break) should complete the EP Player Entry Form.
  • The EP coordinator submits all the Teams by Grand Final night.
  • The ES&CTTA Grading Committee decides on the team grades and the pennant structure and fixture (usually in a few days after the grand final).