ES&CTTA Match Permit Form

ES&CTTA Match Permit Form

This form needs to be completed for previous ES&CTTA players not entered on the team list at the start of the season.
Submit this by 12.00 noon on Saturday following the match.

ES&CTTA players who have NOT played in the previous or current calendar year are required to use the ES&CTTA New Player Permit Form instead.

* indicates required field


The player should not be above the standard of the grade.
Fill-ins for pennant:
(i) A Grade: players from anywhere.
(ii) B, C and D grade: players of similar or lower ranking to that of the grade.

Only the Committee or its delegate can grant approval for registration of the player in the ES&CTTA so that they may continue to play after two matches.
The Committee or its delegate reviews additional players and informs the team if the player is not permitted to play.
If a player's performance is above the grade standard, the Committee, or its delegate, shall have the right to change that player's rubber results to Forfeit.