GWSC Ping Pong 4 Poverty Fundraiser

Dear Table Tennis Enthusiast,
Glen Waverley Secondary College is hosting our second annual ‘Poverty Awareness Week’, from the 2nd – 6th of May this year; to support the charitable endeavours of the ‘Oaktree Foundation’ and also ‘Fare Share’, whilst educating our community on issues associated with extreme poverty. Over the past two years, we have raised in excess of $25,500; to support aid organisations, both locally and abroad, to break the poverty cycle. A range of unique fundraising platforms and awareness programs have been developed, by the dedicated students and staff within our ‘Poverty Awareness Week’ Organising Committee, to help ‘Oaktree’ and ‘FareShare’ in their fight against poverty. We are currently seeking assistance from local organisations, who are passionate about social justice and making a difference, to support our efforts. This year a central fundraising initiative is our ‘Ping Pong 4 Poverty’ Fundraiser to be held on Tuesday the 3rd of May. This will involve students challenging members of staff and some of their fellow students (“champions”) to a shortened game. To challenge, one must firstly donate a gold coin to ‘FareShare’. The challengers will then have the opportunity to win a prize, if they are able to topple our “champions” by winning their mini game. It’s a win-win situation for the challengers….. they either walk away with a winner’s prize or alternatively a smile following a tight loss, in both cases knowing that their donations have assisted those less fortunate! We would greatly appreciate any contributions; in the form of either Table Tennis equipment, goods, gift cards, coaching sessions, demonstrations or other donations; to utilise in our “Ping Pong 4 Poverty” session, being organised by our student cohort and staff association. If you are able to support our College in anyway, or would like additional information regarding the activities we have planned to raise funds for ‘Oaktree’ and ‘FareShare’, please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email. Thank-you in advance for supporting Glen Waverley Secondary College’s ‘Poverty Awareness Week’ and assisting our college community to help make a difference, for those less fortunate in our world.
Neville Young, Teacher, Glen Waverley Secondary College Work: 8805 6700

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