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High Street Road hosts most of the 2 man pennant competition.

In 2015 there are 3 grades:


New players:

Contact HSR during a season (see Pennant Clanendar) with the idea of filling in for a night, to allow player strength to be guaged before being scheduled into competition.


A special 2015 Summer: $80
AB special 2015 Summer: $80


Pennant goes from 7.30pm to 9.30pm/10pm.
2 man teams are organised so that they are as even as possible.
Each player plays 2 singles matches, best of 7.
There is one doubles match played.
The A special usually hold their grand finals with the rest of the ESCTTA at Kilsyth.
The AB special and BC special have been holding their grand finals at HSR.


Preseason practice:

Most grades hold a practice session in the week before the season starts. It is organised by email by the grade manager.

Wednesday morning practice:

Time: 9am to 12 noon
Dates: 7th January to 16th December, 2015.
Convenor: John Lee john.ns.lee@gmail.com.
Cost: $7 for all players: HSR players and visitors
Given that the capacity of the hall is 4 tables, a rotation system of 15 minutes continuous play followed by a change has been introduced to ensure that every player gets equal playing time and play with different players.  Normally one table is reserved for doubles play only but more doubles play may be introduced when the maximum number of players exceed 14 on any particular session. 


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High St Road Uniting Church
478-484 High Street Rd,
Mount Waverley VIC 3149.
(Cnr High St Road & Stewart St to the left of the front High Street Rd entrance)

Map Reference

Melways Ref 61 G12 (Map)


Lance Ferguson
9808 5078


36+ players
3 tables usually; maximum of 4

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