ITTF lectures

Educational session with Li Xiaodong about the Serve

Educational Session with Li Xiadong about Serve & Attack

Educational Session with Zhang Yining about the 1st 3 Strokes in table tennis

Li Xiadong, Famous Chinese coach, guest of many ITTF and continental camps, is talking about serve and attack following the serve in the Shanghai lecture. Li Xiaodong has coached the Chinese National Team for 22 years and has been coach of Beijing Team for 12 years. He was also Head Coach of Chinese Women Team. Now he is Deputy Head of Technical Studies Committee.

Zhang Yining held the ITTF #1 ranking continuously from 2003 to 2009, except two months in 2008, remaining as a dominant figure in women’s table tennis, with 4 Olympic gold medals, 10 World Championships, and 4 World Cup wins.

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