Leading Player Awards 2014

ESCTTA letter regarding leading player awards for 2014

A copy of the letter from the ESCTTA emailed to members today is in the link:
Letter to Members re Awards for 2014 Season
It explains that the awards will be as they have been in the past, that is, on the basis of rubbers won.
The main text is below (I’ve added bold formatting to the key words):

11 July 2014
All Members ESCTTA,
I am writing to you on behalf of the committee to clarify the situation regarding the nomination of leading players.

At the Summer Season Presentation Night it was decided to adopt the SportzVault scoring system on a trial basis until the end of 2014. This system has worked well to date and is generally well accepted by the membership.

It was the understanding of the committee that as a result of adopting the SportzVault system we would have to award the leading players according to the percentage of games won as the system could not be sorted according to rubbers as was our custom. Despite serious misgivings about this method of ranking it was intended to proceed with it during the trial period.

We now find that this was not the case and the SportzVault system can sort according to rubbers won. Therefore it is our intention to continue to award the leading players according to the number of rubbers won in the season, as we have done for many years. In the case of two players having equal rubbers two leading player awards will be made and no runner-up award will be made. Where there is one leading player and two, or more, runner-up players having equal rubbers two, or more, runner-up awards will be made.

That is, awards will be made on the same basis as in past seasons. This format will continue for the Spring Season, also.

Players who wish to receive Leading Player or Runner-Up awards must notify Grant Hooper immediately following the last round that they wish to receive an award and will have the choice of a trophy or an engraved glass.

Scores are to be entered on SportzVault as is currently the practice. There is no need to send result sheets to John Theunissen.

When a new committee is elected at the end of the year they can review the operation of the competition and make whatever decisions they believe are for the benefit of the ESCTTA.

On Behalf of the Committee.
Bill Marsh President
Grant Hooper Secretary
Barrie Epstein Treasurer
John Theunissen Member

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