Match Regulations update Oct 2015

There have been a number of important clarifications and amendments to the ES&CTTA Match Regulations.
Please make sure that you read the highlighted sections that indicate the amendments since the July version.

The process for the Play Off for third place has been refined. Captains should familiarize themselves with the process and the online form:
Play off for Third Notification Form.

Where the regulations refer to the Committee or its delegate, Gerard will deal with the matter directly on behalf of the Committee.
Where the regulations refer to the Committee, the whole Committee will be involved in the decision making process directly, while the communication of any decisions will usually be from Gerard.

Thankyou to those captains who have correctly used the Match Disputes and Protests Form and the New Player Permit forms recently.
There has also been an improvement in captains completing step 3. Confirm Match Results in ResultsVault. Thankyou.

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