Multiple Team Entry Form

Multiple Team Entry Form

Use this form to enter a multiple pennant teams for a club venue.
2 to 6 players may be listed.
Teams with less than 2 players listed will not be accepted.
Any players listed after the first 6 will not be included.
Submit this by grand final night of the current season.

New Players, prior to the season beginning, must complete the ES&CTTA New Player Form if they:
*are new players to the ES&CTTA; or
*are former ES&CTTA players that have not played in the ES&CTTA in the current or the previous calendar year.

Players who are required to complete the ES&CTTA New Player Form may not be added to the team until the form has been submitted.

* indicates required field

For each Team listed clearly state:
Team Name
Preferred Grade
Preferred playing night
Player Name List.