Pennant Winter 2017

The Winter 2017 Fixtures are available via the links in the fixture right side bar.  pdfs will be emailed to players with contact details.

Summary of Match regulation changes for Winter 2017:
Play offs for 3 v 4 have been removed.
Late score submission (after 12 noon Sat) will result in 0 ladder points for the winning team.
Players need to be registered with TTV to play finals.

RCPennantScorer (version 2.3 required): 
Captains will receive a new code for 2017 Winter.

2 Player Pennant
A and D grade are 2 player pennant with all matches best of 7 games.  Captains should write over the letters in the score book so matches are in the order:  AvX, BvY, AvY, BvX and then the doubles. Special rules in the Match regulations apply to allow fill-ins to play for any teams in A and D grade; they are not bound to the team.
Home team umpires first two singles — Home team serves first in first two singles; Away team umpire and serve first for last 2 singles.

Planned changes for 2018:
Only 1 presentation evening for the year –at the AGM.
Grand Finals no longer at Kilsyth. No St Johns Ambulance for Grand Finals.
Grand finalists to receive medals on Grand Final nights.
Finals at: Eley Park: A, B, C grade; St Johns: A1.