TTV By-Law 19

ttv_icon_LargeJun 16 2017: Please note that at a recent TTV Board meeting the Board unanimously voted to commence enforcing By-Law 19, which states:
A member registered with Table Tennis Victoria shall not participate in any tournament, pennant competition or like activity conducted by an unaffiliated body.
A breach of this by-law may –
result in disciplinary action taken under rule 13 of the Constitution of Table Tennis Victoria, or
result in the imposition of any sanction by resolution of the Board of Table Tennis Victoria, including (but not limited to) exclusion from approved tournaments and pennant competitions, non-selection in State teams and disqualification from any award.

TTV have clarified this: The rule has been enforced to mainly encourage other clubs to affiliate with TTV that has not affiliated with TTV before. The rule is not aimed at taking away existing registered TTV members from these unaffiliated clubs. A TTV member is not covered for personal injury whilst playing in the unaffiliated club even though they have paid TTV membership to be covered for this.

This means that our players can play pennant at High Street Road or at SportsLink Vermont as long as they are not going to play tournaments or play in state teams and they do so with the understanding that the TTV insurance does not apply to them when playing at those unaffiliated clubs.

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